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Space Cufflinks

Space Cufflinks


Every key is the key to a secret. A ‘must’ in the byLUDO collection.

Simple keys for a touch of style, mix them, change them, never the same piece.


Sold singularly for you to choose your keycap for buying a pair of cufflinks please order two items.

Please note that if you buy a pair the plating of the base might be in black ruthenium or white palladium, so choose accordingly.


Cufflinks made of 1 black or white keycap, and anti-allergic ruthenium (black) or palladium (white) plated brass base.


This product is made in Italy and it has been completely hand-made using re-used and anti-allergic materials.

Each earphone is recycled and therefore unique, any imperfections are due to this particular eco-friendly process.

Don't dip into the water and avoid contact with substances containing alcohol. Please handle it with care.

Space Cufflink Keycap
Expected to ship in 30 days. Because these are 100% recycled e-waste jewelleries, please note that on pre-order keycaps might differ from the ones in the picture.
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