Young Architects Program meeting
11 September 2012
MAXXI National Museum of 21st Century Arts, Rome, Italy

As part of YAP – Young Architects Program promoted by Margherita Guccione Director of the Architecture Section of MAXXI, the meeting with the Roman designer Ludovica Cirillo on the theme “The creative process: from intuition to creation of an entire collection of decorative objects based on the re-use of technological elements”. From enfant prodige, with her first solo show in the Capital, to Young Italian Talent 2010 selected by the Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Youth, Ludovica Cirillo is present in numerous traveling group exhibitions including This is bijiou 2012. Many friends and flocked to follow the meeting called by Emilio Sturla Furnò, who coordinated the debate in the area outside the museum between large installations of contemporary art works. After the welcome by Alessio Rosati – Head of MAXXI BASE Architettura, the art critic Francesca Barbi Marinetti, the futurist Graziano Cecchini, the artist-architect Massimo Di Cave, took turns on stage to give their contribution on the theme. designer Patrizia Pieroni, the director of the Academy of Costume and Fashion Lupo Lanzara. The public is attentive to the debate enriched by images of the exhibitions of the young designer. In the front row one could recognize: the critic and gallery owner Pino Purificato, the actor Jonis Bascir, prof. Roly Kornblit, the psychotherapist Irene Bozzi, the fashion agent Agnese Sanchez, the entrepreneur Tina Vannini, Stefania Giacomini of Tg3 Lazio, the designer Lucilla Paci, the director Marco D’Amico.