TNT 200 Talenti Italiani 2010

National Festival of Young Talents
17 – 21 November  2010
Palazzo dei Congressi, Rome, Italy.

New milestone for the young designer Ludovica Cirillo is selected by the Scientific Committee of TNT, the festival dedicated to young people promoted by the Italian Ministry of Youth, awarded as one of 200 Italian talents of 2010 invited to participate in the first edition, which takes place in Rome from 17 to 21 November at the Palazzo dei Congressi of the Eur. The basic idea that guides the Festival is expressed by the organizers within the site of the event: “Along every road in Italy for young people, you can find examples of talent. Girls and boys who do not make the news but make Italy better and who constitute the fulcrum of the social fabric, the cultural soul, the economic initiative, honest work and inventiveness of a lively, civil, real and possible Italy. TNT opens a window on this beauty by telling, through their voices, 200 talented tales chosen from among the many sent by young people between 15 and 35 years old. They narrate experiences lived in civil, economic, social life: from research to volunteering, from art to economics and finance, from food and wine to the environment, from international relations to technological innovation. Ludovica Cirillo will be present with her ecojoux – a successful collection conceived and created through the use of disused technological objects (recovered PC keys, electric cables, earphones, eyeglass lenses), with an important message of environmental protection, very topical issue also due to the latest reports on landfills in various parts of our country. Ludovica Cirillo’s vision of the world, with her works, will be presented in a space customized by the artistic mannequins of ArteVetrina by Gianluigi Contesini and the festival an opportunity to tell her creative story through meetings with the public at the Talent Corner during the day on 21 November and during One 2 One, a moment dedicated to dialogue with visitors of different generations, creating concrete conditions and opportunities to make possible the expression and incorporation into civil and economic life of the talent widespread among young people. TNT also hosts companies, organizations, institutions, universities or individuals asking them to invest in the emergence of Italian talent and prevent the escape of our resources abroad, presenting the new generation with meetings, laboratories, forums, workshops, talk shows and performances. . And also: exhibition itineraries, installations, video projections that tell the story of each selected.