Riscarti Maker Faire 2019

Festival of Creative Recycling - 7th Edition
18 – 20 October 2019
Maker Faire, Fiera di Roma, Rome, Italy


Riscarti mission, the culture of recycling in Rome, International festival of creative recycling, was born as an exhibition of objects first discarded and then meticulously reassembled, “things” victims of the very matter of which they are made. Thanks to the artistic intervention, waste is re-invented to perform other functions, such as saying that creativity will save the world, the idea capable of unfolding new scenarios to our eyes … as an alternative to disposable economy, for a rebirth of the culture of recycling. The Earth is full of waste. Riscarti is a multidisciplinary artistic “container” for making materials of waste of useful goods, works of art and design, sustainable entertainment with musical eco-bands: contributions, reforms and best practices to ignite ecological intelligence and promote a sustainable life-style. Art as a creative proposal for an environmental emergency. There is a need to renew throught models and lifestyles linked to a post-consumerist era in decline that made us consume in an unconscious and omnivorous way. Art, as a universal language, makes its contribution to fight climate change.

For the 7th edition, Riscarti is a guest of the Maker Faire, the fair of sustainable technologies, a union between art, science and innovation, where makers and artists can work in synergy. Riscarti will offer to some creative minds with brilliant ideas, the opportunity to develop an art project this year at the Fablabs of Lazio, supported by tutors and new technologies. There is a measure in which the know-how of the past meets the digital world, in which solutions technologies look to an evolution that does not pollute, where art defends Nature. All is conceived as a synergistic whole, of which man is the measure. We want to believe in a better future and not be the makers of our extinction.