Riscarti Festival 2020

Festival of Creative Recycling - 8th Edition
16 November – 08 December 2020, European Week of Waste Reduction
Galleria Sordi, via del Corso, Rome, Italy

Riscarti festival for the 8th edition is a showcase in the center of Rome that promotes a new use of art. Featured works and home performances, which show the regeneration of materials and culture. Riscarti festival can be enjoyed while strolling from the outside of the windows of a closed Ex-Temporary shop, and on digital platforms with multimedia content that reaches everyone. Exceptional locations are the 11 windows of the Alberto Sordi Gallery in Piazza Colonna, overlooking Via del Corso and Via del Tritone: a space that is temporarily redeveloped by art. Usually the showroom of a shop presents us with the latest trends in terms of purchases, it distracts us and projects us into that “objectified” product, with an ephemeral and soon replaceable character. Why not want instead that our purchases become sustainable, ecological and aware and that art is the vehicle for a process of change?

The exhibition is presented through the barrier, albeit transparent, of glass: without contact and from the outside, the works make room in isolation, and burst with their message: what can we do for the planet? Part of the reflection that Riscarti proposes this year concerns the new distant and cautious sociality, and the isolation of the artist, in line with the new experience of art and others. The artists will begin by removing the paper from the windows, to place the works there, at the same time denouncing the isolation of art and culture at the time of Covid. Art with the strength of its language of discarded and ennobled objects pushes towards the resumption of a more sustainable and conscious future. It may seem superficial to talk about sustainability and art in an emergency situation, but we also know that creative language is necessary for emotional survival and helps us imagine a better Planet. The behavioral codes of the new way of experiencing relationships force us to remain separated by means of a showcase, a Plexiglas or a mask. We look at each other through the distance without the possibility of contact, eager for connections and in need of sociality. 

We must think that, although distant, we must be ready to collaborate, today more than ever, since there is no Planet B. Therefore, the showcase of Riscarti, albeit distancing, in its transparency calls us to all the actions and ideas that favor the solution of a common problem that concerns us and touches us, the environmental one. While we invent new ways of enjoying art and sociality. Why not opt ​​for a circular economy, an economy of the public good, of solidarity? Riscarti festival in the windows is a singular appointment for the city of Rome, in the cultural desert that sends dreams into crisis. Riscarti is a transversal collector of art trends to recycle and transform and where a constructive dialogue is engaged between artists and spectators, which we hope will end up generating good practices. The social channels for the duration of the festival will be enriched with artistic and ecological contents, with performances from home theater, dance and musical eco-bands.