Riscarti Fest 2014

2-11 May 2014
Ex Mattatoio, Testaccio, Rome, Italy.

Rome. City of the Other Economy. “ The culture of waste. Trash culture. Cuture du rebut.”

The exhibition on the buses, 2 jumbo, brought by the Atac to RIscARTI Festival to welcome, covered, the most beautiful works made with the scraps, with the waste of a cosified society: cans, plastics, old shoes and lacquered furniture, bins, objects municipalities that inhabit our daily life, are reassembled in an artistic guise: from the ugly comes the beautiful, thanks to the ingenuity and transformation capacity of Green Artists! The works on display are all unique pieces, and the aesthetics of waste is RIscARTI’s proactive way of building change.

Through the careful selection of waste, observation and transformation of the same, the artists at RIscARTI, Cristiano Muti, Danilo Marchi, Gianluca Esposito, Alecci and Di Paola, Triciclo Handmade, Ludovica Cirillo among others … have proposed the vision of a a world that is reborn from its rubble, which refuses to follow the consumerist logic of disposable, because in what we throw there is still an energy potential! Which in times of crisis means savings!

Two buses to be scrapped become the exhibition spaces for the works on display: they are set up inside with the materials redeemed by the Green Train of Legambiente: bamboo, natural gauze, wood logs and more, as a vehicle of a message of respect towards the environment, to show us the possibilities of recycling and creative reuse, promoting a culture of waste, in support of a more equitable and less wasteful economic model. The third bus is for sharing, musical aperitifs, and live artistic interventions: there is Gipsy Wisdom, the resident artist at RIscARTIthat in a week of work made the 12-meter bus a unique means of transport: a transport for passengers, guided towards a more equitable society, more attentive and sensitive to the issue of waste: “an honor”, commented the artist, “to be able to to paint on a mobile giant the concepts and images of travel and the road ”hot topics related to recycling and its culture.

“We want to reflect on the worrying accumulation of waste that modifies ecosystems, and generate awareness and cooperation on the subject, thanks to ingenuity, the arts and sharing” says Marlene Scalise, the artistic director of the project, wearing a suit of tires and cameras. air on, loaned for the Festival by costume designer Anamarija Pirc. “We want to encourage ethical lifestyles, showing a list of virtuous productions of the reborn material, and rekindle the ecological intelligence, in the desires of purchase and consumption”. And he continues “We spent 10 significant days of performances, shows, workshops, videos and meetings with public administrations (present at the Rome Department of Environment, Suburbs and Mobility) and many realities in the area. This is RIscARTI: a multidisciplinary platform,

Musicians such as the Prototypes of Scartus and the Riciclato Circo Musicale , have built their musical instruments by recovering various kinds of waste and the harmony preserved in them.

Even the RIscARTI flyer is a stimulus to the imagination, to transform a piece of paper into various figures, each one carries with it the principle of memory, creativity and transformation.