Nozze Eco-chic 2011

Sustainable Wedding
10 February 2011
Hotel Intercontinental De la Ville, via Sistina, Rome, Italy

The new trend for wedding: eco-chic-wedding. Corn fiber for the white dress, recycled paper for the invitations, re-use design for the banquet. In general, reduction of consumption and pollution for the eco chic wedding, the ecological wedding that does not give up on glamor, the new slow philosophy declined for the most beautiful day. Even rings in recycled gold and no-conflict diamonds (not coming from war zones) for the new trend resent in Rome, in the event conceived and produced by Alessandra Puglisi, president of Dionisia Events, registered with the Italian Wedding Planners Association, for offer a concrete answer to a politically correct marriage, in the name of environmental sustainability. Every detail of the eco chic wedding has been designed with respect for nature. 

The eco-joux by byLudo are pieces of jewelery and table furnishings created by the young designer Ludovica Cirillo, who breaks down small technological tools and changes their use to create unique pieces that have already appeared in trendy magazines and hosted by Re (f ) use by Ilaria Venturini Fendi. 

“The phenomenon is not limited only to fashion – explains Alessandra Puglisi – but affects all sectors, from cosmetics to design, from cars to taste. The ecological trend born in America arrived in Italy a few years ago, synonymous with sobriety, but now is interpreted in a glamorous key “. Thus, the bride’s dress can be vintage, or a garment made with natural fabrics and exclusive finishes for a look that ranges from classic to contemporary. Bridal make-up is made with organic and exclusive beauty products. The lunch menu is based on organic and seasonal local products prepared according to the dictates of slow food and interpreted in a creative way. The favors are created with natural products, such as a flower bulb to be transferred or a plant that the guest can keep in the garden. A beautiful memory that lives and produces oxygen. The floral decorations, with local flowers such as peonies, violets, roses from organic crops. A place not far from the church is proposed for the reception, avoiding long and uncomfortable travel for guests. Original locations are the vintage tram-restaurant or the sailing ship that can accommodate up to 150 people. Also proposed is the wedding picnic in the park with stations embellished with small shabby-chic style floral arrangements, tableau and a basket containing dishes prepared strictly with organic foods.