Le Tre Grazie 2012

Idea, Tendenza, Esigenza - Collective project by X-Arte
6 July 2012 
The First Luxury Art Hotel, Rome, Italy


Even in our modern society, to get to the substance one must go through the form. If eco-fashion, art and zero impact musical events can arouse some interest in young people, the hope is that in the not too distant future these same young people have understood the importance and meaning of ecology.

Recycling, today, can no longer be just a trend, a fashion, but must become a requirement that goes beyond the pleasure of being spoiled without having any criteria on the consequences that our vices can have on the planet.

This is what the presentation / event of ” The Three Graces  –  Idea, Trend, Requirement ” (3.70 meters high for 150 kilos), conceived and created by Graziano Cecchini  (Rosso Trevi) and  Ludovica Cirillo  (ByLudo), wants to tell. which is exhibited in Rome on the occasion of the Altaroma  high fashion week  – in the calendar of collateral events –   at the exhibition spaces of  The First Luxury Art Hotel.

“In the need to consider recycling more and more as a resource, the next step is to enhance it” – explain the artists – “in order to make it the main means of a new generation art-design project”.

The idea of ​​the two artists –  Graziano Cecchini, known for his performances, one of them, the Trevi Fountain soaked in intense red and  Ludovica Cirillo, a young designer among the 200 Italian talents chosen by the Ministry of Youth and author of the Eco- Tech Byludo – is to make recycling the basis of the work of art without losing sight of design and line thanks also to the willingness to grant disused material by five great names of Roman high fashion Renato Balestra, Camillo Bona, Gattinoni, Sarli, Piattelli.

After all, in history there are numerous examples of how and to what extent reuse has always been a practice used naturally by artists.

The idea is therefore to start from a  real and targeted recycling  with the ultimate aim of creating exclusive objects entirely made with recycled materials.

These materials, chosen from time to time, are the components of the completed work.

Inside particular resins, recycled everyday objects can be inserted, as well as identifying items of the atelier or the stylist. The result is a unique work that cannot be replicated in any of its parts and a real example of artistic recycling.

” The Three Graces – Idea, Trend, Need ” is the first proposal by the creators of the X-Arte project   –  Graziano Cecchini ,  Ludovica Cirillo , Emilio Sturla Furnò  – presented last February in the presence of the participating stylists and  Massimo Arlechino,  architect and expert of design.

The project involves the creation of a series of art-fashion-design works, recovering disused material granted by the high fashion ateliers of national and international fame, prestigious protagonists of Altaroma.

The event  Le Tre Grazie- Idea, Tendenza, Esigenza enjoys the patronage of .. and the collaboration and contribution of  Woman & Bride  – the magazine directed by  Erika Gottardi  and  Massimiliano Piccinno –  and  D.d’Arte  – by  Francesca Barbi Marinetti  and  Tina Vannini.