IndossArte 2017

Work of art to be weared - 1st Edition
7 – 10 December 2017
D.d’arte gallery, Rome, Italy

Works of art to be weared. Extravagant, elegant, exaggerated, provocative artist objects – especially jewelry, but also hats, shoes and other clothing accessories – will be the protagonists of an engaging and interactive exhibition. On request, accessories can be worn for the pleasure of dressing up a unique artist piece. It is the first edition of a project conceived by Francesca Barbi Marinetti and Lucia Collarile that investigates the artistic value of portable and wearable works of art. A stimulating quarrel that has always arisen between art and craftsmanship, between major and minor arts, between noble and poor materials, between limits and concessions in wearability and creative originality. IndossArte affirms the supremacy of art over every idea and creation. Rethink the question of the role of the author and the object as such, thanks to the work of daring artists lent to design and action according to the typical formulas of craftsmanship and artisans who courageously explore areas of visual perception and sensory usually ascribed to the sphere of art. He claims that wearing a work of art is a unique privilege that allows those who use it to display it on their body, perceive it in a total and multi-sensory way, interpret it, become part of it and therefore also transform and transform its meaning.

On display will be visible and wearable jewels, hats, shoes, clothes and various accessories. There will be works by different artists, protagonists of contemporary art, fashion and crafts such as Giulia Barela, Ludovica Cirillo in art byLUDO, Mauro Carrazza, Gisella Gatto, Barbara Guidi, Barbara Salvucci, Elio Varuna and Elena Spirito in art Vanzuk. While the artists Gerry Turano, Flaminia Violati and Carlotta Schiavio in art YaTii, have transformed, with their artistic intervention, some bags of the Fruit Bag line of REGENESI – a sustainable luxury brand, partner of the wearingArte project, which creates design objects and accessories fashion through the innovative transformation of post-consumer materials. Another important partner of the project is MyDay-ByDay by Laura Helena Aureli, a reference for contemporary artist jewelery in Italy, which presents for this first edition of wearingArte a selection of works created by 18 jewel designers from all over the world . Other “non-wearable” works will also be exhibited by many artists, but interesting for understanding, as well as their art, the creation of works for wearing Art.