Fashion for Theatre 2016

The Masque of Beauty, International Theatre Festival XX edition
4 September –  7 November 2016, International Theatre Festival XX edition
Quartieri dell’Arte, Viterbo, Italy.


Fashion, Theater and Art. An intertwining that transcends history, crossing a broad spectrum, unimaginably large to celebrate Shakespeare 400 years after his death. After the Fashion for Art held last year in Fiuggi with Benetton and the media partner of Vanity Fair , the Fashion for Theater created in collaboration with the Gay Village arrives in the splendid Viterbo setting of the XX edition of the international theater festival Quartieri dell’Arte . .

An innovative project that combines the creative and artistic path of European brands, stylists and artists with that of exceptional performers and authors of contemporary international theater. Participating in the initiative: Gianluca Ferracin and Andrea Masato for Edithmarcel , Ewa Gawkowska & Malgorzata Szczęsna for La Métamorphosé, byLUDO, Anton Giulio Grande , Francesco Pimpinicchio for Might , Olga Sholoh , Alberto Terranova, Robert Vrzala and Alessandro Vulcano , with the extraordinary participation of Giano del Bufalo and the Michelin Star Chef Salvatore Tassa.

The relationship between fashionable dress, art object, gadget and spectator begins in the Renaissance, with examples ranging from the sets by Raphael for Ariosto at the home of Cardinal Cybo to the Jacobite city-comedies.

Gian Maria Cervo, artistic director of the Quartieri dell’Arte festival, said: ” You can go back to the Elizabethan masque, at the end of which the spectators could take home pieces of scenography as souvenirs: the same thing will happen with gadgets at the end of some of the performances of this exciting project that enriches the XX edition of Quartieri dell’Arte ”.

The stylists and creative designers involved in the initiative will be asked to contribute to the theatrical productions scheduled in the international theater festival Quartieri dell’Arte with garments and accessories from their collections, in order to interact with the stories, sets and artists. present.

A multicultural partnership, that of Fashion for Theater , which presents for the first time at an international level in Italy a casual but at the same time cultural chic product and which combines refined and original outfits with rare collectible pieces and author words.

Much more than a Fashion for Theater fashion event : The Masque of Beauty represents a combination of beauty and harmony, in the name of a rediscovered taste for innovation. The name of the project is inspired by the famous play by Ben Johnson, whose paradoxical approach to fantasy is to be remembered, a virtual place where bizarre ideas are transformed into beauty.

“ This first edition – said Leila Tavi , creative director of Fashion for Theater – is inspired by Ben Jonson’s masques, whose poetic structure was made of harmonic proportions that ideally traced an architectural form. How can we forget the fashion-plays, which were the result of the controversial relationship with fashion in late Victorian and Edwardian society? A long partnership between stylists and theater even in recent history, as evidenced by many illustrious names: Chanel, Gaultier, Lacroix, Lucile, Poiret, Saint Laurent, Versace, Armani, up to the creations of Vivienne Westwood for “L’opera Brecht’s Threepenny ”, staged in 1996 at the Burgtheater in Vienna. The ideal shape for a Festival edition –then added one of the curators of the event – who compares the polytechnic approaches of Renaissance theater and contemporary theater ”.