Ecomondo 2012

International Fair dedicated to ecology and sustainable development, 16th Edition.
7 – 10 November 2012 
Rimini Fiera, Rimini, Italy


Waste becomes alive with the project of the Ecolight consortium, which presents the Museum of Recycling at Ecomondo, 2012: the virtual project that collects works of art born from waste becomes a physical space.

At the 16th edition of Ecomondo, scheduled at Rimini Fiere from 7 to 10 November, Ecolight presents a selection of works from the Museum of Recycling. In the South Hall of the fair, the virtual project of the national consortium that deals with the management of WEEE, batteries and exhausted accumulators takes shape becoming a physical space where you can see, hear and “touch” some works created with the use of waste.

“The Museum of Recycling is a web project created to increase environmental awareness that wants to give visibility to those who, using waste materials, create works of art, installations, design objects and jewels”, says Giancarlo Dezio, general manager of Ecolight . “Art made with waste thus wants to be a stimulus so that even the daily practice of recycling can be perceived not only as a gesture that respects the environment, but also as a particular form of art”.

At Ecomondo the Ecolight Museum of Recycling presents waste that becomes alive by taking on human and animal forms. “A sort of ‘reincarnation’ of waste objects”, concludes Dezio. “Waste has a new life in art and recycling”.

Born in February 2010, the Museum of Recycling is a virtual showcase that the Ecolight consortium wanted to dedicate to artists who work using waste materials. The Museum of Recycling does not want to represent a complete collection of everything that is done with waste, but an opportunity to talk about reuse and recovery of waste. Paying attention to waste and disposing of it correctly is a good practice, an art form within everyone’s reach and respect for the environment. To date, about 500 works created by about a hundred artists are published in the Museum of Recycling.

In the last year, the portal has registered almost 150,000 unique visitors with over one million 700,000 views. The origin of visitors is extremely varied: in addition to Europe, represented by 30 nations, there are visitors who connect from every continent.