Eco-joux 2010

10 June – 10 July 2010
Margutta RistorArte, Rome, Italy.

Have you ever found pieces of earphones, electrical cables or keyboards out of order on your personal computer abandoned in the drawer and ask yourself what should I do with them? These pieces, once useful, then no longer in use, can become, in the name of recycling, ornamental and artistic objects. This is what ‘ECOJOUX’ proposes, the first exhibition of byLUDO.

“A way to also safeguard the environment by giving freedom to the imagination and having fun wearing unusual and unique ‘bijoux'” – says the creator of the collection dedicated to her friend and schoolmate Beatrice who died prematurely.

Always attracted to original design objects, the young Ludovica, 16, who lives and works in Rome, breaks down small technological tools, overturns their use to create unique pieces. Her jewlleries have been reviewed by trend magazines and already hosted by Re (f) use by Ilaria Venturini Fendi. She does not like the waste of “disposable” and gave life to this “technology” collection after one day she found herself in the chest of numerous “out of order” earphones: to these she added the pins. And then pc keys and glasses and so on… “These days – says the young creative – I think the concept of recycling combined with that of aesthetics is necessary”. In addition to being fun for her to create them, it is also fun for her clients to wear them: after a tour in European cities such as Berlin, London and Paris, she found appreciation and curiosity from teenagers, young women and adults.

“Ludovica’s project is very close to our ideas for the protection of our planet” – explains Tina Vannini, owner of Margutta Ristorarte, a temple where creativity has been hosted and respected for more than thirty years. “These collections on display are a playful way to respect the planet, to revive objects otherwise destined for waste and the best thing is that this proposal comes from a young sixteen year old, already very aware of the only alternative we have to save the our planet: recycling. The paradox that fascinated me ”- continues Tina Vannini -“ is that something destined to be thrown away is used to reinvent new forms of elegance and beauty ”.

Exhibition set up by Artevetrina by Gianluigi Contesini, an artistic and artisan company of mannequins that has been working in this field for 60 years.

Photos by Fabrizio Cerqua.