Bijoux d'autore 2012

International Contest 4th Edition
22 – 30 September 2012 
Museo del bijou, Casalmaggiore, Italy.

Different techniques, styles, suggestions. Timeless materials, shapes, shades. There yesterday’s industrial production and today’s handcrafted creations: messages of beauty that intersect at the Casalmaggiore Bijou Museum on the occasion of thisisbijou! exhibition which reaches its third stage, after Vicenza and Rome, to highlight itself in anotherconnotation: excellent craftsmanship was highlighted at Viart, fashion at
Boncompagni Ludovisi, now history.
The 38 authors who exhibit their pieces at the Casalmaggiore museum fit in in a historically important path, that of the costume jewelery tradition of a child Italian district that was able to establish itself, up to the 1970s, at the level national and international with its industrial production of brooches, necklaces, rings …
If our collections tell and show a past that no longer exists, thisisbijou! projects into the present, into the future, opens up one of the possible doors towards which it canhead to the museum, or the artisanal creation of today.
The selection made by the Meetings and Events association, experience and affection that its president Norma De Lucia puts in evaluating and choosing the best pieces from exhibiting assure us a very high level of authors; the valuable catalog that accompanies the exhibition (curated by Claudio Franchi) allows us a “critical” reading, and reiterates that “this is the meaning of history: to read the events for understand our time “. So, between past and present, in the shop windows of the room Zaffanella will be admired fabrics and metals, shells and recycled materials, ceramic and silicones, all declined in the decorative and ornamental interpretations that the today’s taste has inspired the authors: original, bizarre, enchanting bijoux.