Ave T.ag 2013

Fashion Show
17 September 2013
Piazza del Campidoglio, Rome, Italy.



The fashion show of ten emerging designers from ateliers, academies and fashion schools took place in Piazza del Campidoglio who, on an exceptional catwalk and with the frame of the athletes of some national federations, gave life to the first edition of AVE TA.G. The message of this event is in fact to demonstrate how fashion and sport convey the same important values: determination, passion, respect, tenacity, sacrifice, loyalty, courage, perseverance, team spirit.

AVE TA.G, organized by Double Studio and Primamusa, focuses on the excellence of creativity and embodies a strong national identity: “AVE” represents the greeting of the ancient Romans, synonymous with hospitality and reverence; “TA.G” in addition to being interpreted as an acronym for youth talent, it has now become a word of common use among digital natives and not only, to feel a connected part of reality 2.0. “The strength of this project, explained Rosaria Melia, creator of the project and President of Double Studio, is that of wanting to reward the passion, sacrifice and talent of a mistreated and disappointed generation and also the courage of those who, with a recognized and loyal teamwork has chosen to persevere, build and invest its ideals in the realization of an event that elevates the capital to the patron of an army of talents, often made invisible and relegated to anonymity “. The event, sponsored by Roma Capitale and Coni, has enjoyed the collaboration of numerous sponsors and partners who have contributed to realizing the dream of young talents: List, Acea, Centro Studi Moda, B.Live, International School of Comics, Radio M2O, Annibaliano Clinical Analysis Laboratory, Artemisia Lab, Boehringer Ingelheim, Gesinf, Alimentare Holding, Cd Fashion Hairdressers, Il vizio dei fiori – Fregene. 

Piazza del Campidoglio welcomed the 10 emerging talents of AVE TA.G: Diana Ciocchi, Vittoria Formuso, Flavia Migani, Marco Antonio Marra, Alejandro Garza, Yadira Paredes, Cassandra Parisi, Roberto Scarantino, Nicola Ragni, Sonia Russo, Michel Ange Iriti and Alejandro Garza Palomares (who competed together). Afterwards, the accessories designed by Ludovica Cirillo paraded: the eco-tech creations “by Ludo”. The models who dressed the capsule collections of the young designers are not professional models but ordinary girls who love their body and respect it, they simply dress it. Guiding them on the catwalk, the artistic direction of Extraordinario – Vincenzo Caruso, Antonia Ciampi, Marcello Conigliaro, Ornella Matassoli, Antonio Pace, Giuseppe Ragosta, Michele Stallo, Alessandro Vergoz – who translated emotions into shapes and colors. 

Born with the precise intention of re-establishing beauty, Extraordinario, with its total look from architecture to design, from style and fashion to art, through graphics, photography and technology has given life to a unique and evocative show of the union between fashion and sport. Each collection was accompanied by the choreography of the athletes of some federations: Italian Swimming Federation, Italian Hockey and Skating Federation, Italian Handball Federation, Italian Fencing Federation, Italian Sailing Federation, Italian Rowing Federation, Italian Federation of Judo Fight Karate Martial Arts, Gymnastics Federation of ‘Italy, Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports, Italian Federation of Modern Pentathlon. So that the opportunity to show them in one of the most beautiful squares in the world.