AMMEN 2016

Riscarti Festival
12-18 September 2016
QUIRINETTA  Cinema & Theater , Rome, Italy. 

RiscARTI is part of the European Week of Sustainable Mobility, sharing its spirit and dedicating an information space on the theme, which this year is “Smart Mobility. Strong Economy”.

AMMEN 4th edition, in the jubilee year, our religion is recycling! The “monsters” against which we have to fight inside and outside of us every day are quite well known: economism, consumerism, selfishness, exhibitionist hedonism, the prevalence, in general, of the material sphere over the spiritual one. The mass, to which we belong, is easily seduced by the television and advertising messages, by the cinema of easy consumption and of dubious artistic value, by the new where the objects of desire are beautiful, well polished and superfluous. 

The exhibition this year interprets the focus of 2016: emphasizing the link of each work of art with the spiritual sphere, the elaborate and selected works will be peremptorily made from used, recycled and regenerated materials; they will emerge as a sort of recycling totem (large works) or will otherwise stand out for another characteristic: lightness (works to hang). In both cases, the works of art and design, installations, video art and more on display in RiscARTI, will have the task of capturing the audience to wrap it nicely in reflection east to tica and east and tica, where the wise use of recycled materials serves as a moral guide for believing in a better world.