The Story

Nothing is created nor destroyed but everything is transformed
Antoine De Lavoisier

Lavoisier’s motto has always been the source of inspiration for Ludovica Cirillo to take design challenges in the
name of innovation and in the service of ecology.

We live in an era in which we are surrounded by many small, useful and indispensable but sometimes superabundant objects and when they don’t work or are cumbersome.
Like many adolescents, I was faced with a drawer full of cables, earphones and plugs. The solution would be to throw them all away, but as I have always been against wasting things I decided to take a bag full of these things with me on holiday to the North Sea area in the Summer of 2008.

During the long journey by car, I started to ponder over these small pieces of technology. I turned them over and over in my mind until I had an “revelation”. Hence, the first object to come to mind was a necklace made with earphones which my mother immediately wanted to wear.
On arrival at our destination, the necklace was noticed and admired so much by passers-by that I was encouraged to invent other decorative objects like earrings and so on – until my first collection of “Ecotech-bijoux” was born followed by “Eco-Joux”, my first showing in Rome, Margutta street.

My inspiration came from the desire to use my hands to invent things and my first source was a drawer full of pieces of earphones, electric cables or obsolete keyboards from personal computers. These pieces come to have a second life:
first of all being useful, then in dis-use, they become ornamental and artistic objects. This is why my designs take their creative inspiration from the environmental practice of reuse, a concept particularly important in today’s wasteful consumerist society.


2022 – “Wirescapes: Connected with the Urban Fabric” mixed-media installation at Untitled space, Tokyo, Japan. 

2020 – Riscarti Festival 2020, Festival of Creative Recycling, during the European Week for Waste Reduction, at Galleria Alberto Sordi, Rome, Italy.

2018 – We are on it, Lisbon Design Show 18, Lisbon, Portugal.

2017 – Indossarte, Opere d’arte da indossare, at D.d’arte gallery, Rome, Italy.

2016 – Reuse Nutrition For Planet, sponsored by Associazione Penta Mariano at RIVA1920 showroom, Cantù, Italy.

2016 – ByLUDO exhibition at Sartoria Profilio Italiano, Paris, France.

2016 – AMMEN, Riscarti Festival 2016, at Teatro Cinema QUIRINETTA, Rome, Italy.

2015 – Transforms Fashion Series, Italian Weekend at Jaffa Port Gallery,  Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel.

2014 – Abit-ALT Dress performace at AbitArt, Rome, Italy.

2014 – Re Chic Collection – Photoshooting at Sargassi, Rome, Italy.

2014 – “Ambiente Fair 2014” – International Trade Fair dedicated to dining, giving and living, Frankfurt, Germany.

2013 – “YAP” – Young Architects Program 2013 Conference at MAXXI, Rome, Italy. .

2012 – “Ecomondo” – International Fair dedicated to ecology and sustainable development, 16th Edition , Rimini, Italy.

2012 – “Bijoux d’autore” – International contest 4th edition at Museo del bijou di Casalmaggiore, Italy.

2012 – “Art’Eco, l’arte del Riuso” – sponsored by AMA and supported by The President of the Italian Republic and the Ministry of Environment at Centro Culturale Elsa Morante.

2011 – “Vogue Fashion’s Night Out” – Fashion Virtual Performance at Ulisse Gallery, Rome, Italy.

2011 – “Nozze Eco-Chic” – Sustainable Wedding at Hotel Intercontinental de la Ville di via Sistina, Rome, Italy.

2011 – “Emergenza Origami” – Art Auction for 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, sponsored by Japanese Embassy in Rome at Centrale Montemartini, Rome, Italy.

2010 – “TNT 200 Talenti Italiani” – National Festival of Young Talents, at Palazzo dei Congressi, Rome, Italy.

2010 – “EcoJoux” – First Solo exhibition, at Margutta RistorArte, Rome, Italy.

The Founder

Ludovica Cirillo – Founder and Design Director of ByLUDO

“I have always been passionate about the concept of reuse and I apply it in my every-day life as a designer and architect.
I started to experiment with reused materials since I was young. The desire to design and handcraft new creations gave me the impulse to realize a recycled jewellery brand: ByLUDO, eco-tech bijoux.

The early experience with ByLUDO led me to the decision to take up a path into architecture and design.
My creativity and passion for sustainability and new technologies continued to evolve during my studies in
architecture first at the London Metropolitan University and then at the Architectural Association (AA) School of Architecture, London. In both schools I had the chance to expand my research on the subject conjugating the environmental commitment in a wide range of forms such as resilient urban development, energy-efficient technical designs, and sustainable temporary pavilions.

Since I moved to Japan and started working at Kengo Kuma and Associates, Tokyo, I had the chance to explore deeply Japanese culture and its ancient history of craftsmanship.

As I concluded my professional studies obtaining the British architecture license in 2019 and after the Italian professional title in 2020, I started designing a new ByLUDO collection. 
I was inspired by my research and decided to mingle the cultural knowledge acquired in designing a new collection, dedicated to Japanese traditional art and crafts.

I would like to create a network with local and international artists and artisans to collaborate with and design new thought-provoking collections.
I hope my work will show the possibilities and artistic expressions of the environmental practice of reuse.”