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The Goddess of Eco-tech, her credo is:

“Nothing is created nor destroyed but everything is transformed” from Antoine Lavoisier and the source of my inspiration.

byLUDO eco-tech goddess

Ludo's Story

ByLUDO is a brand of recycled technological waste founded by Ludovica Cirillo in Rome in 2008.

Her creative journey started with she was only 15 years old, when looking at an old, dusted drawer full of broken electronic pieces, she started questioning what to do with it. 
She decided to take a bag full of these things with her on a very long car trip from Rome to Berlin. As she was so bored during the trip, she started to experiment with small pieces of technology until the first object she created was a necklace made with earphones.

At the destination, the necklace was noticed by so many people that she was encouraged to create other decorative objects like earrings and other pieces until my first collection of “Ecotech-bijoux” was born in Rome.

These pieces come to have a second life: first of all being useful, then in dis-use, they become ornamental and artistic objects.

At 16 years old, for the first edition of the TNT exhibition organized by the Italian Ministry of Youth, Ludovica was selected amongst the first 200 Italian talents. Her work was showcased in a series of exhibitions in Rome, London, Madrid, Frankfurt, Paris, and Tel Aviv. 

Her passion for material experimentation pushed me to achieve an architectural degree at the AA school in London. After researching a lot of Japanese architecture she moved to Japan where she has been practicing as an architect for 5 years.

​When Ludovica moved to Japan and started working at Kengo Kuma and Associates, Tokyo, she had the chance to deeply explore Japanese culture and its ancient history of craftsmanship. 

She presented her new collection, “Mottainai”, conceived in Tokyo, at the exhibition “Umarekawaru: Born After Waste” held in October 2021. 

The collection mixes technological recycled pieces typical of the brand and assembles them through traditional Japanese craft techniques.
Ludo is now back in Europe and continues studying ways to recycle and reimagine all the components of keyboards and other electronic waste. The design inspiration for the creation of ByLUDO artistic pieces comes from the study of the properties of materials and their playful reconfiguration into wearable creations.

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