AbitArt 2014

Work in Progress Performance
13 June 2014

AbitArt Showroom, Via Cola di Rienzo, Rome, Italy.



What happens when a disused object is transformed into a work of art?

Vanessa Foglia hosted the second edition of the artistic showcases. This time the protagonist was the already known creative Ludovica Cirillo. Very young and with eyes full of passion for her work, Ludovica has finished a canvas by Vanessa Foglia decorating it with one of her cult objects, the keys of the old PC keyboards. She animated the window of the Abitart store in Via Cola di Rienzo, capturing the attention of curious passers-by.

The artist, who usually makes accessories, got involved, obtaining a truly unique result.

Brilliant in its basic idea, ByLudo collection contains a series of objects that have old PC elements as protagonists, in particular the keys, which are broken down to create unique pieces. These accessories have already been noticed and chosen by trendy magazines and designers.

Her Ecotech bijoux are very beautiful and well made, a new way of experiencing fashion, more attentive to recycling and with a pinch of imagination.

“When a disused instrument is transformed into a decorative and trendy object …” Ludovica Cirillo 


PH: Salvatore Dragone.